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World Cup Masco and Trademark

The 1966 World Cup, the host country is England, the mascot call: Willie.

In 1970, the host country is Mexico and the mascot name is Juanito.

In 1974, hosted by West Germany, the graphic is two boys, the name is: Tip and Tap, which means that West German boys love football.

In 1978, Argentina, Gauchito.

World Cup,1966

In 1982, Spain, the mascot call Naranjito.

In 1986, Mexico, the mascot name: Pique.

In 1990, Italy, mascot: Ciao, meaning: hello

In 1994, USA, the mascot Striker, meant to score goals.

World Cup 1982

In 1998, the mascot call Footix.

In 2002, Korea and Japan. Mascots use neutral characters.

In 2006, Germany hosted the World Cup, mascot:Goleo.

In 2010, South Africa, the mascot name is Zakumi.

Footix, Geleo Trademark

In 2014, the mascot name is Fuleco.

In 2018, Russia, Zabivaka.

In 2022, Qatar, the mascot is La'eeb, means lightness and technique.

World Cup Trademark

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