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100 years of World Cup logos

The first World Cup, 1930, Uruguay;

1934, in Italy;

1938, France.

It resumed in 1950 and was hosted by Brazil.

fifa world cup trademark logo 1930~1950

1954, Switzerland;

In 1958, the sixth World Cup was held in Sweden;

Hosted by Chile in 1962;

1966, England;

world cup logo 1954~1966

Hosted by Mexico in 1970;

Hosted by West Germany in 1974;

In 1978, Argentina hosted the eleventh World Cup;

1982, Spain.

trademark logo world cup 1970~1982

1986, Mexico;

1990, Italy;

1994, United States

1998, France

logo world cup 1986~1998

In 2002, South Korea and Japan jointly hosted the 17th World Cup;

2006, Germany;

2010, South Africa.

Brazil, 2014;

world logo 2002~2014

2018, Russia;

2022, Qatar

World Cup 2018~2022 logo

2026, the World Cup will be co-hosted by Canada, Mexico and the United States.

In 2030, the World Cup will be celebrating its 100th anniversary, below is a hypothetical logo of the 2030 World Cup created by our website (Non FIFA official version). "vector image download 2030WorldCupLogo_trademarkmacau.com (E).png 

FIFA World Cup 2030 logo trademark

Writing and drawing by trademarkmacau.com

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